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Our team has been working to finalize our timeline for re-opening. We are informed by MNPS, other charters, and their reopening schedule, but we have always developed our plans based on health metrics and the details of our staffing. Our team has been working diligently to plan for a safe reopening. Please read below for the details for our plan.
Re-Opening Timeline

Feb. 1-19-Onsite MAP Testing

Feb. 24- K + 1 students return to campus

Mar. 1-2nd grade students return to campus

Mar 8- End of Quarter Close Out week

Mar. 15- Spring Break/No School for Students

Mar. 22-23- Teacher Planning/Asynchronous Learning for all students

Mar. 24- 3rd grade students return

Mar. 29- 4th and 5th grade students return

FAQs answered below and also in this Zoom video providing additional information, context, and our rationale. 
Why are intermediate students waiting until after Spring Break?
Intermediate students are scheduled to take the TNReady state assessment this year in person. The state testing requires social distancing, and extra personnel to staff small groups to ensure the secure administration of the exam. We need to plan so that we can effectively staff the 2-3 week window of formal secure testing and the other students who will be working on campus. The test scores will not hurt students, this is data to give insight to learning and potential learning loss. 
Will all students who requested be able to come on campus?
We have planned to serve as many students as we safely can onsite, but we know our demand for in-person may exceed our capacity in some grades. There will still need to be at least one teacher per grade level who continues to provide instruction for those families who will remain virtual for this school year. The other teachers and other team members will be assigned onsite so that class sizes are small for social distancing and that we can staff each day even in the case of staff sickness or absence. 
How will you choose?
When we planned to offer learning labs, we used a systematic approach to determine which students to prioritize for onsite learning considering learning needs, attendance, and siblings of those Explorers who had already attended on site. We will then start to add names from the return to school survey until we reach the space limit for that grade level. 
What are Next Steps?
We will be communicating with families next week about assignments. Then we will have orientation for families of Explorers who will be learning on campus for the first time this school year on Feb. 18th. We will have small group sessions for families to sign up. This is a MANDATORY orientation which reviews the policies, procedures, and paperwork for onsite learning this school year. 
We hope this communication helps you to visualize and plan for your family. We are very eager to see our friends in person and to recreate our physical community of joy and excellence. 

Last Updated: 2.22.2021

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