Concerns & Contact

Both the school and the Board of Directors work in conjunction with one another to hear and resolve any caregiver complaints. If a problem arises, both the school and the Board encourage the complainant to address the problem directly with the staff member(s).

If you are dissatisfied with the proposed resolution by the appropriate faculty or staff member, the complaint should be delivered in writing to the Principal. The Principal will also request a written report from the appropriate faculty or staff member. After reviewing the written statements by the staff member and the complainant and undertaking any additional investigation deemed necessary by the situation, the Principal will present an appellate decision to the complainant.

If the situation has still not been resolved, following the Principal’s intervention, then the Explore Board of Directors encourages the complainant to email Marsha Edwards at In this email, you should outline your concerns, actions taken, and results to date. The complainant should then follow up with the next steps provided by Marsha Edwards as our CEO and representative for the Explore Board of Directors. If you are still not satisfied with that result, then you can attend the next board meeting and present your concerns there. The Board will not hear complaints that have not first followed these procedures.

We welcome you to contact us at any time. Please use the information below to contact us at your convenience.

Steps for a Making Formal Complaint

  1. Send a written complaint to the Principal including details such as who, what, where, when, and why you are making a complaint.
  2. The Principal will investigate and follow up with family with a decision.
  3. If the caregiver still has concerns with the proposed solution, they should request an in-person meeting with the Principal.
  4. If, following the meeting, the caregiver still has concerns, they should email the CEO of Martha O’Bryan Center, Marsha Edwards at
  5. If the issue has still not been resolved, caregivers can plan to attend the next Explore board meeting. They should notify the Principal and CEO of Martha O’Bryan 24 hours in advance so their concerns can be added to the agenda