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    Family Bulletin 1/10

    Dear Explore! Families, 

    I know you may be reeling from the events of this past week in our nation’s capital. It was another shocking event, layered on top of the series of challenging events that our city and country has endured this past year. This is yet another situation to ponder, reconcile, and communicate with your children and families. So much to think through, and so many charged emotions to manage all at once. And yet, life still goes on everyday, and so must we. How can we support each other as a community through these tough times?We are fortunate to have robust and well integrated Social-Emotional supports at Explore! The Explore! SEL Bloomz page is regularly updated with resources from our counseling team to help families address the issues facing our children today. As adults, it is hard to know, “How much should I equip our children with knowledge versus protecting their innocence?” Right now, that is a tough line that we find ourselves walking often. I believe that age appropriate honesty is always best. The greater our collective awareness, the greater our collective capacity for compassion. I ask families to adopt some family routines that will help you experience mindfulness with your children, and give space for your family to talk through difficult and often confusing experiences. Please sign up for the Bloomz SEL page (Code: 58YTNH) for resources to use at home to support social emotional learning and promote mental wellness. Our teachers model many of these practices in Morning Meeting. We will invite families to an upcoming Morning Meeting “Open House” to see some the SEL strategies being used by staff. Stay tuned for that “Open House” soon. This way you can see some examples of how to include them in your home life as well. We are committed to showing love and support to our community in the best and worst of times. Please stay engaged. We are unique and united! Explorers, Rise Up! Rise Up!

    Stephanie “Ms. JT” Jarrett-Thorpe

    - Report Card Calls- Please use time during your upcoming teacher calls to ask questions about your Explorers’ report cards. Report cards were sent out last Friday afternoon. Teachers will be prepared to discuss your Explorer’s performance and actions steps you can take to help them at home.

     - Intent to Return- Please see the survey for the intent to return. We love our Explorers and families and want to plan for next year for our current Explorers and any family or friends who may also be enrolling. Our team will be hosting some upcoming meetings to preview our planning for next year and to discuss the middle school build out. 

    Looking Ahead Meeting- Thursday, January 21, 2020 at 5:30pm- This meeting will provide an overview of planning for the 21-22 school year so families can have updates, ask questions, and provide feedback.

    Middle School Meeting - Thursday January 21, 2020 at 4:00pm- This meeting is for students in grades 4 and 5 and external families who want to learn more about the middle school program at Explore! as we expand to 6th grade. - Open House- We will start to host in person and virtual tours for families. If you know a neighbor or friend who would like to attend a tour, we will have small, socially distanced tours (8 or less) on Tuesday mornings at 10am and Thursday afternoons at 2pm. Please reach out to Coach Haywood or Maggie Prisinzano to refer a family for a tour or more information. We will also be hosting prospective families at our Friday Morning Programs. Please be on the lookout for new or interested families. Prospective families will start attending Morning Program this coming Friday 1/15/2021. In person tours start Tuesday, 1/19/2021.

    - New Website- Please check our updated website at! Thank you to Mrs. Maggie P and Ms. Kimberly Ellis for their hard work in building a new website for our school! Please check it out. It continues to be built, but is already a hub of information for families

    .- FAC Meeting- The Explore! FAC Meeting is this Thursday at 5:30pm. Please plan to attend. We will share updates and resources. We will share the meeting link this week and it will be on the FAC page as well.

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    Interested in Explore?

    Learn more about our amazing school community through an upcoming information session! Sign up for an in-person tour and/or a virtual Morning Program event & information session. To learn more about these events and sign up, check out the "Enroll" section of our website. 

  • Zoom Update

    If your Explorer is using a school-issued device, the Zoom extension has been re-added and redeployed to all devices. Please restart the device and this issue should be resolved. 

  • Family Bulletin 1/3

    Good Afternoon Explore! Families, 
    I hope you had a restful break and found new and safe ways to celebrate holidays and honor traditions. The doors have closed on the year of 2020. The events taking place downtown on Christmas Day was an unexpected blow to our city and another variable that our officials have to manage at this time. We have now officially entered 2021 with hope and expectation. We hope for health, safety and peace for our Nashville community, state, nation, and world. We will all continue to do our part so that our community can heal and be restored to the vibrant city that is meant to be. 
    As we have all school year, we will continue to monitor the data related to COVID-19 transmission and community spread when making our decision about school phase in. TN has updated their vaccine schedule where educators have been moved up higher on the list to prioritize educators as essential employees, As we learn more information about the combined impact of the community spread and vaccine effectiveness, we will share updates.
    Explorers will resume the full day of live classes on Wednesday of this week. We have professional development on Monday and Tuesday of this week. On Tuesday, Explorers will work asynchronously following a live Morning Meeting. 
    As we transition from the long break back to school this week please do the following before Wednesday:
    - Reset bedtimes and routines (go to bed on time starting tonight!)
    - Reset morning routines (alarm clocks, getting washed up and dressed, eating breakfast, etc.)
    - Reset working areas (remove toys or other distractions, replace pencils and pens)
    - Charge computers
    - Check your teachers Bloomz pages for class.grade specific updates
    We are looking forward to seeing you all this week to continue this unique school year with love and community. 
    Schedule for this Week:
     - Monday- No School for Explorers
     - Tuesday- Morning Meeting at 7:50am then asynchronous learning for the day
     - Wednesday- Normal Remote Learning Schedule
     - Thursday- Normal Remote Learning Schedule
     - Friday- Morning Program and asynchronous assignments
    Report Cards- Explorers will receive their second quarter report cards in their email on Friday by EOD. Please review and plan to discuss questions and updates in your teacher calls next week. 
    Have an excellent evening!
    See you all Tuesday for Morning Meeting!
    Stephanie “Ms. JT” Jarrett-Thorpe
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